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About us

 Mustashfa is a team of inspired well-qualified members who firmly believe in ancient methods of cure to relieve today's health problems, so that you can bid a goodbye to your tablets. These techniques are being practised worldwide and approved by various governments, including U.S., U.K., Greece, Poland, France, China, Thailand, Japan, Brasil, U.A.E., Russia and many more. For the 1st time in Tamil Nadu, Mustashfa passionately brings this very same standardized sterile techniques in a hygienic and pleasant environment. Our team consists of acupuncture doctors, an infectious disease specialist, certified Hijama (cupping) specialists, as well as well-trained massage therapists, separately for men and women.

 Board of Directors

    Mr. Ahmed Nooh,
   M.B.A, Managing Partner
  Mr. Arshad Noor,
   Masters in Int. Business (London), Managing Partner
  Dr. Sithi Lamaa Sadaq Ali
   M.B.B.S., Dip. Inf Diseases (Australia)

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